History 206:
Modern America



"The Color Purple"

"Quiz Show"

"West Side Story"


Nuremberg Extra Credit
Assignment Sheet

Nuremberg Conference Agenda

The "American Gothic" House

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

Century of Progress (1933)

WWII Propaganda
Family Imagery
Misc. Topics


The Colossus of Rhodes

Andrew Carnegie

The Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island

Background on How the Other Half Lives

Searchable text of How the Other Half Lives

Karl Pearson

"Booker T. & W.E.B."

"Nationalities Map" of Chicago (1895)

Information on Zionism & Theodor Herzl

A history of opium...

The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures

"Crucible of Empire"

Information on U.S. Presidents

The Panama Canal

The Last Days of a President... (1901)

The St. Louis World's Fair (1904)

Titanic the Ship That Never Sank
(1998 book by Robin Gardiner)

Who's Who in World War I

"The Great War And the Shaping of the
20th Century"
(PBS website)

Vintage Video of World War I

The Lafayette Escadrille
(as seen currently in "Flyboys")

Fashion, Flappers and All That Jazz
(Chicago Historical Society)

Music from the 1920s


"The Great Arsenal of Democracy"

National Geographic site on Pearl Harbor

Leaders during World War II

EyeWitness.com site on "The Blitz"
(with links to other WWII topics)

Read more about...Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Homepage of The United Nations

Homepage of The Peace Corps

Cold War Timeline: The Bay of Pigs

Vietnam: A Television History (PBS)

Kent State site about Kent State

Chronology of the 1960s

The National Organization of Women

The Black Panther Party

Washington Post article on Nixon's resignation

The Smithsonian on The Space Race

Myths about the Challenger disaster

Rock Hudson (at the imdb)

Material Girl video (on YouTube)

Glossary of Cold War terms (from the BBC)

Raisa Gorbachev (on the cover of TIME)

Biography of Raisa Gorbachev

Overview of the Dayton Accords

Washington Post site about
Clinton's Impeachment

A History of the Internet

Books on the Millenium Bug

Oct 2, 2001 Statement by NATO

Jeopardy theme played at Radio City Music Hall (courtesy of YouTube)