SOƒIA 2017
Mackenzie Davis '18,
Tori Chaffee '21, Emily Krueger '21
Jadiea Muldrew '21, & Josie Welker '21
with Dr. Christine Myers

Before cinemas were commonplace, traveling shows brought the outside world into small towns. Monmouth had its own contribution to this cultural phenomenon - a magician known as the Great Nicola whose shows included escape tricks and a disappearing elephant.  Nicola toured not only America and Europe, but Australia, China, India, and parts of Africa and Latin America as well.  In this SOfIA project we will study the history of early 20th-century circuses and vaudeville from multiple perspectives. This will include debating ethical questions and considering the logistics of travel for entertainers a century ago. We will also collaborate with the Warren County History Museum who hope to locate the skeleton of Nicola's elephant in Monmouth using ground-penetrating radar.

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