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Leading Class Discussion
Medieval Research Paper

Final Assessment

Links Used in Class

A Chronology of the Middle Ages

Timeline: Illuminated Manuscripts from Europe

Video: The Middle Ages in 3 1/2 Minutes

"This 1,000-Year-Old Viking Hoard Could Rewrite History"

List of Hoards in Great Britain

DNA Proves Viking Women Were Powerful Warriors

Video: Bloody Flux

Rule of St. Benedict

Saga of Erik the Red

Medieval Herbal Remedies Manuscript

Video: Flemish Béguinages

Video: Windmills

Video: Abelard & Heloise - Uneasy Love

Video: Hebrew astrolabe - 14th century

Video: How to use an astrolabe

The Zohar | The Jewish Virtual Library
Video: The Zohar - Secrets of Kabbalah

Video: Architecture 24 The Alhambra
Medieval Fantasy City Generator