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Links Used in Class

The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft, University of Edinburgh

Newes from Scotland (1591)

Daemonologie (1597)

Map of Scotland, centred on Fife

Woodcuts from English witchcraft pamphlets

Video: Scottish witch hunts at the National Library of Scotland

Witches & Wicked Bodies exhibit at the National Gallery of Scotland (2013)

Video: A History of Scotland - God's Chosen People

The British Monarchy's page on early Scottish Monarchs

Video: Doctor Who's The Shakespeare Code (starting with scene 2)

Video: Don't Mention Macbeth (from Blackadder)

Video: Medicine in Tudor England

Video: Tony Robinson on the four humours

Blog on Early Modern Medicine

U.S. National Library of Medicine entry on Galen

Scottish Merks

The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson

Downloadable copy of A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

More on Samuel Johnson and James Boswell

Background information on Ossian

Age of Genius: Life and times of Scottish philosopher David Hume

Video: Diabolical cats

The latest from Ted Cowan and Lizanne Henderson

BBC History Magazine quiz