SOfIA 2016
Tia Graham ’17, Megan Horack ’17,
Sydney Jones ’20, Kathryn MacDougall ’20, & Brennan Towery ’20
with Dr. Christine Myers

Everyone who has read the Harry Potter novels, written by J.K. Rowling, knows the story of events, from Harry’s point of view. But what would an historian of the Wizarding world learn if they were to study the documented sources available to them? Students working on this SOfIA project will piece together the history of Harry Potter using only primary and secondary source materials imbedded in the novels, and the marginalia written by Harry in his textbooks, to determine the documented history of events. This will then be analyzed for authenticity as we question historical methods and the potential pitfalls of using certain types of historic documents.

Our Completed History...

The Rise and Fall of Lord Voldemort

Information to Consider...

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Since the Series Ended


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