The British Empire

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Information about Britannia

Liverpool Town Hall

Perth Academy

Britannia with Uncle Sam

David Cameron on Britannia (2008)

British Empire Timeline, 1573-1997

Information on the Berlin Conference of 1884


The British Empire Map Room

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Discourse on Western Planting (1584)

Declaration of Independence (1776)

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The Pacific colonies

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Telegraph maps of the British Empire

Background on the British Empire in Asia

British Western Pacific Territories

European exploration of Australia

Convicts in the British colonies

British Empire in the World Wars

Map of Hong Kong

Sino-British Joint Declaration (1984)


Images of Empire (both still and moving)

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Treaty of Waitangi (1840)

Statute of Westminster (1931)

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India & Pakistan

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The East India Company

The Accession of the Queen of India

What is a protectorate?

The Partition of India

After Partition: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

India-Pakistan: Troubled Relations

"History weeps at the partition of
India and Pakistan"


U.S. Department of State (on Pakistan)

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On Empire and Education (1833)

The Benefits of British Rule (1871)

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Egypt &
northern Africa

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The Rosetta Stone

Timeline of Egyptian history

The Great Exhibition in London

King Tutankhamun

Howard Carter biography

The Suez War

Newly discovered tomb in Egypt (2006)


The Economist on East Africa (2011)

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Why Britain Acquired Egypt in 1882

Denouncement of the Proposal for a Canal Users' Association (1956)

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South Africa &
its neighbors

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Timeline of South Africa's history

Map of colonies in southern Africa

Profile of South Africa from the BBC

Castle of Good Hope, c. 1800

Biography of Cecil Rhodes

U.S. newspaper coverage of the Boer War

South African slang terms


"TV project to dig up Falklands battle sites" (2011)

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Round Africa to India (1498)

Concentration Camps during the South African/Boer War, 1899-1902

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The creation of Israel & the Middle East

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Timeline of Israeli history

The Ottoman Empire, c. 1900

The Uganda Plan

Discussion of the Balfour Declaration

The Yalta Conference

List of British Overseas Territories

Commonwealth Members


Christine's YouTube Channel

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The Sykes-Picot Agreement

The Mandate for Palestine (1922)

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