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Since living in Scotland for the better part of four years, I do like all things Scottish...yes, even the Mike Myers (no relation) sketches on SNL (especially the season opener hosted by Kyle MacLachlan my senior year of high school!).  Despite my recent interest in the "celtic fringe" of the British Isles, I have been an Anglophile (and royalist) since HRH the Prince William was born on my 9th birthday.  Needless to say, going to the celebrations of the Queen's Golden Jubliee in London in June 2002 was the highlight of a lifetime. I also have a fondness for Egyptian history since seeing the Treasures of Tutankhamun at the Field Museum in Chicago when I was four (I do actually remember it...).

When I'm not teaching, my favorite activities include travel, going to the theatre & movies, watching TV (see below), and Harry Potter. One of the more unique things about me is that I'm referenced in David Colbert's The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter, thanks to a paper I wrote on Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale on my Cornell class trip to England in January 1993 (also, it doesn't hurt to have a generally observant, precocious personality). And yes, I do like being part of an international phenomenon!

I have compiled links to several of the exhibits and shows that I have attended, primarily for my own reference, but also because I think my students may find them interesting:  



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