Historic Precedents:
Looking to the past to understand the present

Regulating the Internet...


Map of Telegraph Lines in the U.S.

Telegraph Souvenirs

The Pacific Railway Act

The Zimmerman Telegram

Cyber Theft Legislation

Hacking Sarah Palin's E-mail

Cyber Attacks on the Presidential Campaign

Lost Ohio Bank Data

Mr. Lincoln's T-Mail


Debates over the U.S. Constitution...

The U.S. Constitution

Ratification of the Constitution

Christine's YouTube Channel
(with links to videos watched in class)

L.A. Times article on the Supreme Court's ruling on the Second Amendment

WBEZ website with audio clips from Odyssey
(introducing recently discussed comments by then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama)

The Presidential Election...

Quiz: The History of U.S. Voting

Information on Election Day

Timeline of Voting Rights in the U.S.

Learning about Elections from USA.gov
(with links to the official Electoral College website)

Electoral College Map

State-by-State Results

Results from Ohio's elections

The Machinery of Democracy

Press coverage of the Campaign

Congress & the Evolution of U.S. Political Parties...

Congressional Apportionment

The Compromise of 1790

History of Political Parties in the U.S.

1800 Presidential Election

History of the Senate

History of the House of Representatives

The Environment/Global Climate Change...

Global Warming Newspaper Archive

Images of the River Thames - frozen

Environmental Movement Timeline

The 10 Greenest Presidents in U.S. History

Act Establishing Yellowstone Park (1872)

History of the Environmental Protection Agency

Article on Alaska's Glaciers

Global Warming Videos from the Discovery Channel

Universal Health Care...

William Beveridge

Information on the Beveridge Report

The British Welfare State, 1945-2002

A recent article on the Health Care debate

Value Added Tax

Cut the VAT

U.S. Foreign Affairs...

The Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

The Truman Doctrine

The Evolution of the Bush Doctrine

Overview of America's International Strategy

More Links about America's War on Terror

The U.S. War on...



Precedents for intervention in Afghanistan & Iraq

The Second Anglo-Afghan War

Timeline: Afghanistan

Reagan's "Empire of Evil" speech to the House of Commons

The Marshall Plan

The Dayton Accord

Disaster preparedness

"Fighting Terror with Duct Tape, Plastic?"

"Duck and Cover"

FEMA for Kids Homepage

Political Definitions...

Who Am I?


Barack Obama ad: "A Stronger Economy"

Office of Management and Budget on Earmarks

Earmark Watch

Article on the Senate Rescue Bill (from the Washington Post)

Who makes up the middle-class vote?

The Rise of the Victorian Middle Class

New Lanark World Heritage Site

The Encyclopedia of the Early Republic and Antebellum America

Department of the Treasury Fact Sheet on Taxes

Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth"

Political Cartoons...

Archiving Early America: The First Political Cartoons

The Stereotyping of the Irish Immigrant in 19th Century Periodicals

HarpWeek: The Presidential Elections

Teaching With Documents: Political Cartoons Illustrating Progressivism and the Election of 1912

Herblock's History

Fun stuff...

Saturday Night Live videos

Presidential candidates' roasts at the Alfred E. Smith dinner