1950's America

Here are some links about Radio & TV Shows from and about the 1950s...

1950's Radio Shows

Free Old Time Radio Shows (every type you could think of)

Hopalong Cassidy

Old Time Radio: The Golden Years

Thrilling Detective (includes Podcasts)


1950's TV Shows

Rocky and Bullwinkle (started in 1959)

Children's TV in the 1950s

Late-Night TV Talk Shows: 1950-1957

Shadows of the Past (site about TV westerns)

SteveAllen.com - the 1950s

The Top Rated U.S. TV Shows 1950 to 1960


"Your Show of Shows" (1950)


TV Shows set in the 1950s...

"Happy Days"

"Laverne & Shirley"


Points of historical (in)accuracy and other inconsistencies in M*A*S*H