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Links Used in Class

Video: The E.U. Explained

Map of the European Union
The International Churchill Centre
Video: Signing the Treaty of Rome
Commemorative Euro for the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

"Europa" Political Cartoon

Cartoon by Behrendt on the United Kingdom and the Common Market (1957)
Video: Cadbury's Chocolate Charmer Advert
Cadbury Flake
Video: "Pure Chocolate" in Italy
Video: Sardinian Casu marzu cheese
Congressman calls out "cheesy" federal program

Video: The Euro: A Symbol and Challenge for Europe

Video: Celebrations to mark the launch of the Euro

Video: Introduction of Euro as a Currency in 2002

Video: Unveiling of the New 100 and 200 Euro Banknotes

Captain Euro Concept Map

Video: Captain Euro - Europe's Superhero 1995 Launch Video

Presidencies in the European Union
Future Enlargement of the European Union

Video: Catalonia's independence movement, explained

Video: Yes Minister explains the EEC

Video: Yes Minister - Why Britain Joined the European Union

US election 2016: The Trump-Brexit voter revolt

Video: Brexit Divorce - Foil, Arms and Hog

Video: Brexit is precious...

HIST 130: The European Union on Facebook



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