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Violent Entertainment Paper

Links Used in Class

Basics of Victorian Britain

Timeline of Victorian Britain
SOLON: Promoting Interdisciplinary Studies in Law, Crime & History
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey - London, 1800-1913
Solon's laws

Video: Crimes That Shook Britain - James Bulger

Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor

Punished For Being Poor: London's Forgotten Workhouses

Video: Victorian Child Prisoners at Crumlin Road Gaol
Video: Worst Jobs in History - Victorian Workhouses
Video: The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

Video: Big Data + Old History

Anti-Irish Political Cartoons

Irish Apes: Tactics of De-Humanization

Integrity retiring from office

Video: Victorian Forensics - the Marsh Test

"The Shape of Your Head and the Shape of Your Mind"

Fig 22: Symbolical Head

Hogarth's London: Gin Lane and Beer Street

Wikipedia entry on Marital rape
"...a Textbook Definition of Rape"

Video: "Tea and Consent"

Video: Gone With the Wind - "Tear you to pieces..."

Video: Emma Thompson on BBC Newsnight

Video: John Oliver discussing Harvey Weinstein

17 Euphemisms for Sex From the 1800s

Video: Old Timey Phrases for Sex

Urban Dictionary

Mapping London

"Punch and Judy turn 350: in pictures"

Video: Punch and Judy 1901
Video: Is Punch and Judy Outdated?

Video: Walking on the River Thames

Theatres in Victorian London
London Theatreland

Video: What the Victorians Did for Us - Pleasure Seekers

Video:  Sweeney Todd Meat Pie Tutorial

Video: R. Hoe Cylinder Press