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Projects from Block 4, December 2003

Completed student webpages

  • Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland (Jackie Baldwin)
  • Chartres Cathedral, France (Sara Wilson)
  • Dryslwyn Castle, Wales (Meredith Tinney)
  • Lincoln Castle, England (Amber Massey)
  • Orford Castle, England (Amy McDonald)
  • Salisbury Cathedral, England (Kim McKinney)
  • Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Karmen LiaBraaten)
  • Windsor Castle, England (Brian Fuller)

Posters were completed on the following Castles & Cathedrals

  • Castle of Chinon, France (Topher Martin)
  • Dunvegin Castle, Scotland (Lisa Loftin-Bugenhagen)
  • Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (Ryan Clark)
  • Foix Castle, France (Angie Brown)
  • Leeds Castle, England (Stephen Stadler)
  • Notre Dame de Paris, France (Megan Gibbs)
  • Pevensey Castle, England (Barry Golinvaux)
  • Saint Chappelle, France (Johanna Brockhardt)
  • St. Andrews Castle, Scotland (Colleen Metzger)
  • Stephansdom Cathedral, Austria (Jenna Price)
  • Strasbourg Cathedral, France (Brian Benight)
  • Templar Castle, Italy (Paul Eley)
  • The Tower of London, England (Daniel Kelchen)
  • Winchester Cathedral, England (Stef Geppert)
  • York Minster, England (Maria Rogge)


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