History 101, Block 4, 2003

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History 101






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Evaluation & Class Participation
  • Primary Source-based Papers 20% each (60% total)
  • Castle/Cathedral Project and Presentation 40% (25% for project and 15% for presentation)

Without question you should be in class every day, ready to learn. Should you fall ill, break your leg, or have another serious dilemma that prevents your attendance, you are responsible for politely asking a classmate if you can HAND-COPY their notes (do not forget to say thank you!). Additionally, you should set up a time to go over missed material with Dr. Myers at the earliest possible opportunity. Although no portion of your course grade is allotted to participation, it is expected of all Cornell students and, to be perfectly honest, the more you discuss the information you are learning, the better you will learn it. Note: All assignments must be completed for you to earn a passing grade in this course.

Grading Scale

A = 100%-93% B = 86.9%-83% C = 76.9%-73% D = 66.9%-63%
A- = 92.9%-90% B- = 82.9%-80% C- = 72.9%-70% D- = 62.9%-60%
B+ = 89.9%-87% C+ = 79.9%-77% D+ = 69.9%-67% F = below 60%

Extra Credit Options

  • You may write Video Response Papers (750 words/3 pgs. minimum) on either or both of the films shown during the term. These will be worth a possible 3 pts. each (to be applied to two of your paper grades) and will be assessed on depth of thought, writing style, and connection to class materials. They will be due Monday 8 December and Monday 15 December respectively. No late papers will be accepted.
  • A further 4 pts. (to be applied to your lowest paper grade) can be yours if you participate in a group discussion of the Foreward of Medieval Women on the afternoon of Friday 12 December.
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