History 102, Block 7, 2004

Europe 1300-1700

History 102





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Evaluation & Class Participation
  • Paper on the Black Death - 20% - due Tuesday 9 March
  • Paper on 1492 - 20% - due Wednesday 17 March
  • Midterm - 30% (gobbets & map identification worth 16 pts.)
    - Friday 12 March
  • Final Exam - 30% (gobbets & an essay worth 16 pts.)
    - Wednesday 24 March

Without question you should be in class every day, ready to learn. Should you fall ill, break your leg, or have another serious dilemma that prevents your attendance, you are responsible for politely asking a classmate if you can HAND-COPY their notes (do not forget to say thank you!). Additionally, you should set up a time to go over missed material with Dr. Myers at the earliest possible opportunity. Although no portion of your course grade is allotted to participation, it is expected of all Cornell students and, to be perfectly honest, the more you discuss the information you are learning, the better you will learn it. Note: All assignments must be completed for you to earn a passing grade in this course.

Grading Scale

A = 100%-93% B = 86.9%-83% C = 76.9%-73% D = 66.9%-63%
A- = 92.9%-90% B- = 82.9%-80% C- = 72.9%-70% D- = 62.9%-60%
B+ = 89.9%-87% C+ = 79.9%-77% D+ = 69.9%-67% F = below 60%

Extra Credit Option
For those conscientious students who may want a way to solidify your grade, take stress off the final or whatever, I will be showing four films during the term to widen your understanding of specific topics from the course. The films will also be on RESERVE in the library in case you are unable to make the scheduled time due to a legitimate conflict. There will be one question on each film for you to answer on the midterm or final respectively to gain extra points on each exam. More details on the nature of the questions will follow in class.

Gobbets are sections of text that you will be given from each of the documents we read during the semester. On each exam you will be required to comment on 7 of the 15 documents for that half of the course. For each document you will need to know who wrote it (1 pt. for name, 1 pt. for spelling), the context/motivation/consequences of the document (7 pts.), and you will also need to address what the quote itself is discussing (3 pts).

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