History 102, Block 7, 2004

Europe 1300-1700

History 102





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Course Aims & Objectives

  • According to the Cornell Catalogue, this course is "an introduction to the principle cultural and intellectual developments in Europe from the Italian Renaissance to the Scientific Revolution."
  • Additional topics included in the course will include: The Black Death, Exploration, the Protestant Reformation, Mercantilism, Absolutism, and Constitutionalism.
  • The primary goal of this course is to help students understand the most memorable ideas, events, and personalities from Early Modern European history, in a continual effort to connect them with current events in Europe.

Required Reading

  • Primary source documents will make up a majority of the material for this course. You will find these readings on RESERVE in the library. You are advised to make your own copies of the readings to bring with you to class, so that you can make notes on them.
  • Readings for your Paper on the Black Death will be distributed in class.
  • 1492: The Debate on Colonialism, Eurocentrism and History by J.M. Blaut may be purchased at the bookstore. This book will be the basis of your paper in this course.

Maps of Early Modern Europe for your reference...

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