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Modern Europe and Its Critics

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Class will meet from 9-11:30 Monday through Friday mornings, with Extra Credit films from 12:30-3:00 on the days indicated

Week One Eighteenth-century Europe: Power & Ideology
3 May 04 Introduction: The status of Europe in 1700
4 May 04 Act of Union and the formation of Great Britain
Readings: The Act of Union and The Wealth of Nations: Of Colonies
5 May 04 The Enlightenment
Readings: What is Enlightenment?, Essay on Forms of Government, and Salon Life
6 May 04 The French Revolution
Readings: What is the Third Estate?, The Declaration of the Rights of Man, and Letters on the Trial
Extra Credit film: "Ridicule" (Shaw Lounge)
7 May 04 Napoleon & the Congress of Vienna and MAP QUIZ
Readings: The Coup d'état of 18 Brumaire and Imperial Catechism
Extra Credit film: "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" (Shaw Lounge)
Week Two Nineteenth-century Europe: Modernization & Expansion
10 May 04 Liberalism & Marxism
Readings: On The Reform Bill of 1832 and The Communist Manifesto
11 May 04 Reforms in Russia & The Industrial Revolution
Readings: Emancipation of the Serfs and Self-Help
12 May 04 Darwinism & Feminism
Readings: On Darwin's Origin of Species and The Subjection of Women
Extra Credit film: "An Ideal Husband" (Hedges Conference Room)
13 May 04

Nation-building & New Imperialism
Readings: Instructions to Young Italy, A War Correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, The Treaty of London for Greek Independence, and A Place in the Sun

**Optional afternoon Extra Credit session on the British Empire (Library 126)

14 May 04 MIDTERM
Week Three Twentieth-century Europe: War & Recovery
17 May 04 World War I
Readings: The Dual Alliance, The Constitution of the Black Hand, In Flanders Fields, and Letter to Recruit Women Workers in Glasgow
18 May 04 Communism & Totalitarianism
Readings: Mass Psychology, Modernizing Russia, Nazi Propaganda Pamphlet, and Report on a Nazi Party Rally
Extra Credit film: "Burnt by the Sun" (Hedges Conference Room)
19 May 04 World War II
Readings: Speech on the Munich Crisis, A Disaster of the First Magnitude, and The Yalta Conference
Extra Credit film: "Life is Beautiful" (Hedges Conference Room)
20 May 04 The Post-War World
Readings: Iron Curtain Speech, Response to the Iron Curtain Speech, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and The Second Sex
21 May 04


Week Four Twenty-first-century Europe: Unification & Stability?
24 May 04

The British Commonwealth & Devolution and TERM PAPER DUE
Readings: The Queen's Commonwealth Day Message, Release Our Potential (selected SNP policy papers)
Extra Credit film: "Trainspotting" (Library 125, time to be determined...in the evening though)

25 May 04 The European Union
Readings: Speech to the European Parliament, The Chocolate Directive, Excerpts: Europe's draft constitution
**Optional afternoon Extra Credit session on efforts to create a European identity (Library 126)
26 May 04 FINAL EXAM
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