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Project Specifics Digital Mapping

Links Used in Class...

Google Maps

Lists of cities by continent, country, etc.

Purdue OWL on the Chicago Manual of Style

Purdue OWL on paraphrasing

Monmouth College Writing Center

Google Street View

Video: "Beijing Welcomes You"

Video: ABC News report on Beijing Air Quality (Jan 2013)

Video: ABC News report on student protests in Beijing (May 1989)

Video: CBS News - Remembering Tiananmen Square (June 2009)

Monmouth's trip to Paris & Amsterdam (May 2016)

Video: Rick Steves' on Paris

"Singaporeans Ranked the Most Unhappy People on the Planet"

Singapore 2012 Timelapse

"The nation that thrived by 'nudging' its population"
(Feb 2018)

Places of Remembrance, Berlin

NBC News coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Thoughts on the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Handover

Thoughts on the 15th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Handover

Video: Jackie Chan's Hong Kong

Mark Twain on Jerusalem

Medieval maps of Jerusalem

"Jerusalem" as performed at the Royal Wedding in 2011

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