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Recruitment Paper

Regeneration/Behind the Lines Paper

Remembering WWI Presentation

Links Used in Class

World War I courses at Monmouth College

Video: The Story of the Scottish Women's Hospitals

Video: Nationwide Spanish Flu in Ireland

1919-2018: An International Conference

Video: Hygiene in the Trenches

Video: Operation Ouch in the World War 1 Trenches

Video: Footage of Scottish Women's Hospitals in France

Video: Women in WWI - British Pathé

Fort Douaumont, Verdun in early 1916

Fort Douaumont, Verdun in late 1916

Colonial Regimes in 1914

Battles in the Middle East during WWI

Video: Mémoires - Louise de Bettigines

The Ocean Ambulance

Doctor Antoine Depage and Queen Elisabeth visiting the Ocean military hospital...

Video: World War I Field Surgical Kit

"How Marie Curie Helped Save a Million Soldiers During World War I"

Video: St. Mihiel Drive 1918

“12 Technological Advancements of World War I”

Surgical Nursing in War
by Elizabeth Bundy
Video: Wound Care Packing
Video: "The Women Who Went to War"
Video: "Malta: 'Nurse of the Mediterranean'"

Video: "World War One - 1917"

The Zimmerman Telegram
Video: "Queen Marie of Romania (1917)"

Edith Cavell On Postcards

Video: "Faithful Unto Death (1920)"

Video: Elton John - Candle in the Wind/Goodbye England's Rose

Video: From the Front to the Backs:
the story of the 1st Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge

Craiglockhart in 1919

Craiglockhart in 2018

War Poets and Craiglockhart Hospital

Footage of Shell Shock patients

The American Psychological Association on Shell Shock

Definition of PTSD for comparison

"Hidden Damage in Veterans' Brains"

Documentary on "Shell Shock" (Part 1 of 4)

More on Shell Shock Symptoms and Treatments

"The Repression of War Experience" (1917)

Cowardice and Shell-shock (1922)

"Pardoned: the 306 soldiers shot at dawn for 'cowardice'"

"Anthem for Doomed Youth" draft with Sassoon's edits

Video: WWI Legacies: Prosthetics
Prosthetic Devices

Video: Amputees Learn To Use Artificial Limbs

Video: Anna Coleman Ladd Made Masks for Wounded World War I Veterans

Library of Congress Materials of Anna Coleman Ladd

Video: Aicíd - The Great Flu in Ireland

Video: Easter Rising in 8 Minutes

Interactive Map of Shipwrecks off the Irish Coast

The CDC's Pandemic Influenza Storybook

Irish Heritage & Identity - Ways to Sleep...