History 331, Block 6, 2004

Topics in European History: Henry VIII

History 331





In-class Project

Final Exam

Extra Credit

History Dept.

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Evaluation & Class Participation
  • 5% Quiz on the Tudor Genealogical Chart (Thursday 5 February)
  • 15% In-class project (Friday 6 February)
  • 5% Acting out a scene/reading a monologue from Shakespeare's Henry VIII (Tuesday 10 February)
  • 15% Assignment on the Act of Supremacy (due Monday 16 February)
  • 30% Assignment on the Pilgrimage of Grace & the Dissolution of the Monasteries (due Monday 23 February)
  • 30% Final Exam (due Wednesday 25 February)

Without question you should be in class every day, ready to learn. Should you fall ill, break your leg, or have another serious dilemma that prevents your attendance, you are responsible for politely asking a classmate if you can HAND-COPY their notes (do not forget to say thank you!). Additionally, you should set up a time to go over missed material with Dr. Myers at the earliest possible opportunity. Although no portion of your course grade is allotted to participation, it is expected of all Cornell students and, to be perfectly honest, the more you discuss the information you are learning, the better you will learn it. Note: All assignments must be completed for you to earn a passing grade in this course.

Grading Scale

A = 100%-93% B = 86.9%-83% C = 76.9%-73% D = 66.9%-63%
A- = 92.9%-90% B- = 82.9%-80% C- = 72.9%-70% D- = 62.9%-60%
B+ = 89.9%-87% C+ = 79.9%-77% D+ = 69.9%-67% F = below 60%

Extra Credit Options
For those conscientious students who may want a way to solidify your grade or take stress off the final, two extra credit options, each worth 5 pts. (to be added to the final exam), will be available during the term. The first option is a paper (approx. 1000 words, typed, double-spaced and in 12 pt. font) on Henry VIII's flagship the Mary Rose. An assignment sheet will be handed out in class on Friday 6 February, and the paper will be due on Friday 13 February (at 9:00 a.m.). The second option will be based on the film A Man for All Seasons, which will be shown on the afternoon of Monday 16 February. Details for this paper will be distributed at that time, and it will be due on Friday 20 February (also at 9:00 a.m.).

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