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Topics in European History: Henry VIII

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Final Exam
24-25 February 2004
due by 5:00 pm Wednesday

Directions: For each of the essay questions you choose from below, you should provide typed, double-spaced answers in 12 pt. font. And, as with your other written work in the course, you should provide proper references (i.e., footnotes that include the author and title of the source, and a page reference or website if you have one) for any information you are using from the course readings or your class notes. Answers will be evaluated on their completion, presentation, and skill in analysis. While you are permitted to discuss ideas with your classmates, you must be sure that the work you turn in is your own…discuss the big ideas, confirm facts, act as sounding-boards for each other, but separate yourselves when you actually sit down to write your answers.

Question 1: you must answer question 1
(worth 50% of exam grade…your answer should be approx. 5 pages in length, and you should make reference to at least five types of sources we have discussed in the course)

"For most people, Henry VIII stands four-square in their minds as the image created by Hans Holbein: the all-powerful monarch and the epitome of manly autocracy. For some, Henry is the caricature created by Charles Laughton in the 1933 film The Private Life of Henry VIII…whose chief mission in life was chopping and changing wives.…it is these two images that still hold sway over public opinion, despite the efforts of historians to paint a more realistic picture of this most famous of English kings." (Author Alison Weir in Living History, October 2003, p. 30.)

How would you characterize Henry VIII's historical legacy? Is his image valuable or detrimental to England & English history?

Question 2: answer two of the following questions
(worth 50% of exam grade - 25% for each answer…each answer should be approx. 3 pages in length, and should make reference to at least three types of sources we have discussed in the course…also, be sure to clearly explain the parameters or definitions you are using in answering the questions)

A. Describe Henry VIII.

B. Was Henry VIII an effective leader in international affairs? (you may wish to consider relations with France, Scotland, Spain, the Pope, Ireland, Wales, etc.)

C. Which of Henry VIII's wives was the best match for him? (either as a man or as a monarch)

D. If a friend or family member asked you what one thing you think they should know about Henry VIII's reign…what would you say and why?

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