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Topics in European History: Henry VIII

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Quiz on the Tudor Family Genealogical Chart
Thursday 5 February

Although I usually try to avoid straight memorization of information that can be easily found in a reference book or on-line, in this instance I believe it is necessary for you to have a picture in your mind of who is related to whom (and how).

You will need to fill in the 39 people highlighted on copy 1 and missing from copy 2 of the chart. In addition, you will need to include the fate of each of Henry's wives. We will vote on the presentation/size of the chart for the quiz in class…

The points will be assessed in part on having the correct name…and you will need to have the correct spelling as well!

People worth 4 pts.
  1. Henry VIII 1491-1547

People worth 3 pts.

  1. Henry VII 1455-1509
  2. Arthur, Prince of Wales
  3. Catherine of Aragon
  4. Anne Boleyn
  5. Jane Seymour
  6. Anne of Cleves
  7. Catherine Howard
  8. Catherine Parr
  9. Philip II of Spain
  10. Mary, Queen of Scots
  11. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley
  12. James I (VI of Scotland)
  13. Katherine of Valois
  14. Elizabeth of York
  15. Louis XII, King of France
  16. Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
People worth 2 pts.
  1. James IV
  2. Margaret
  3. James V
  4. Mary I
  5. Elizabeth I
  6. Edward VI
  7. Charles I
  8. Charles II
  9. James II
  10. Owen Tudor
  11. Edmund Tudor
  12. Margaret Beaufort
  13. Henry VII
  14. Mary
  15. Jane Grey
  16. Edmund
  17. Edward
  18. Katherine
  19. Elizabeth
  20. Henry V
  21. Edward III
  22. Edward IV
  23. Thomas Seymour
  24. House of Hanover

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