Assignments for HIST 230

Research Paper


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HIST 230 Syllabus
HIST 430 Syllabus

Assignments for HIST 430

Movie Analysis

Links Used in Class...

Maps of Early Modern Europe

List of Rulers of Europe

* Early Modern European History Timeline *

Video: What was the Black Death?

The Black Death in the fourteenth century (1833)

A History of England... (1854)

"Glasgow's bubonic plague outbreak in 1900"

Film Trailer: Outbreak (1995)

Video: Medieval Apocalypse

European university establishment dates

Arms of the Colleges at Oxford University

Founding dates of colleges at Cambridge University

Video: Researching the Black Death

Video: Crossrail Archaeology

Video: The Emotional Lives of Epidemics

A Calendar Page for January

The Saints and Feasts of the Church Calendar

Calendars : Norway circa 1636

Video: Morris Dancers

Video: Re-ordering the aristocracy

Video: German Nobility

Video: The Medici: Makers of Modern Art

Romania's medieval marital prison

"3 disgusting ways independent, talkative women were
tortured and shamed in Shakespeare's England"


The Buccaneers of America by Alexander Exquemelin (1678)

National Library of Scotland - Chapbooks

Scottish Chapbooks Project at the University of Guelph

1800 Attack Ads

Paris in the 17th century

"I Hung Out With Jeremy Bentham's Severed Head And This Is What I Learned"

Video: Moll Flanders - Tyburn Tree

Video: The Worst Jobs in History (info on leeches and barber surgeons)

Video: Fly Through 17th-Century London

"DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague"

Map showing the extent of the Great Fire of London

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

The London that could have been

History of the Royal Society

First Blood Transfusion: A History

Video: The Accademia del Cimento: Art and Experimental Science

Video: The Doctor Who Jammed a Catheter Into His Heart

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

History of the French Académie des sciences

Bibliotèque nationale de France

Video: La Ménagerie exotique en 3D

Chelsea Physic Garden

Video: Spot the Drunk Pig