Employment in Academia

Monmouth College
Assistant Professor of History

Courses Created & Taught
SOfIA Projects

Lourdes University, Lifelong Learning
Lecturer in History

History of the Olympics
Historic Photographs
A History of Espionage
Hot Topics: Titanic
Hot Topics: The Keystone Pipeline
Hot Topics: The Oscars
The British Political Scene
History in Popular Culture
The World in 1908
The European Union

Franklin University

Adjunct Professor of Humanities

HUMN 305: Global Issues

Bowling Green State University

Visiting Assistant Professor of History

HIST 205/205V: Early America
HIST 206/206V: Modern America
HIST 326: Women in American History
HIST 400/582/686: American Women in the Victorian Era
HIST 438: The United States and the World, 1890-1945
HIST 480: Education & the State
HIST 480: 1950's America
HIST 496: Independent Readings
HIST 694: College Pedagogy

University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Visiting Lecturer of Social Science
Fall 2004

HIST 1020: World Civilization II

Cornell College
Visiting Assistant Professor of History

HIS 101: Europe 800-1300
HIS 102: Europe 1300-1700
HIS 104: Modern Europe and Its Critics
HIS 117: London in 1700
HIS 304: Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries
HIS 331: Topics in European History: Henry VIII
HIS 390: Individual Project

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Visiting Lecturer of History

HISTRY 155: History of Modern Europe (Syllabus)
GENED 120: The U.S. Experience in a World Context

Monmouth College
Visiting Lecturer of History
Spring 2001

HIS 103: World Civilization III
HIS 223: The Renaissance

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